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DIFF – Ingenjörerna i Finland

DIFF – Ingenjörerna i Finland rf was founded in 1936 and has today about 3500 engineer members of which 1200 are engineering students. DIFF is a member of Akava and is its only Swedish speaking affiliate.

What is Akava?

Akava is a trade union confederation of affiliates for highly educated people. Together, Akava’s 36 affiliates have unionized more than half a million employees and professionals. The members of Akava affiliates include employees, as well as students, entrepreneurs and professionals.

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Akava ordnar utmarsch 6 februari 2024


DIFFs avdelningar har valt styrelser för 2024


DIFF – Ingenjörerna i Finland utlyser politisk arbetsnedläggelse


Planerade reformen av arbetslöshetsunderstödet slår hårt mot nyutexaminerade och äldre arbetslösa


DIFFs styrelse för 2024 är vald


Arbetsminister Arto Satonen kallade arbetsmarknadsparterna till seminarium